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"My daughter has been attending preschool with Shannon and I can confidently say that she is 100% prepared for kindergarten. The lessons are creative, organized, educational and occupy the conversation at our dinner table until next class. I could speak to Shannon's qualifications at length, but they speak for themselves, so I will focus on her character. She is one of the kindest and most caring persons that I have encountered, she is safe, she is patient, she is passionate and dedicated. My daughter and I will be forever grateful  for this amazing year....I could not have made a better choice!"

Jennifer Miller

"I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon while attending the BEd program at the University of Calgary and later teaching with her at the same school. There I witnessed her patience and her enthusiastic attitude toward teaching and learning. Shannon creates thoughtful and engaging lessons and activities while understanding the needs of both children and their parents. Her compassionate heart fuels her commitment to building strong relationships with her students. "

Jenn Kells

"Both years that I taught with Shannon, her students took to her right away, drawn in by her kindness and authentic desire to get to know them. She had a profound impact on her students, as she attended to each child as a whole, rather than simply on an academic basis. Her commitment to creating a safe and caring environment encouraged students to take risks in their learning, and gain confidence in their abilities. She helped her students recognize their individual strengths, as well as those of others, and celebrate their unique personalities, learning abilities, and cultural backgrounds."

Frankie Larose

"Shannon is an experienced teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. She is organized, creative and understands the importance of meaningful learning experiences. Most importantly, Shannon consistently creates an environment in which her students feel safe and cared for."

Salimah Kassam

"Shannon created a classroom that was safe, and intellectually challenging for students, both of which are factors that foster hope and a sense of agency in students, which supports student success. Being a reflective learner who sought to understand first, identify strengths and gaps, and then develop a plan to address the gaps, created this environment. Her planning and organization were exceptional, not only in her lesson plans, but in the organization of her classroom to ensure learners saw themselves within that space. Her dedication and work ethic are evident in the quality of her work and the safe and engaging learning environments that Shannon creates."

Denise Sauverwald

"Cochranites, if you are looking for a soulful, compassionate, caring, gently stimulating and guiding principles for young minds, this will be the finest establishment, truly. Shannon is a beautiful and bright "old soul at heart," whose children reflect her deep empathy and inner light. I would not hesitate to enrol now!"

Shauna May

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