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Introducing Northern Narrative's Pip Family! Designed to celebrate the beauty in all of us, these wooden cuties are sure to liven up any playscape! Inspired by both Montessori and Waldorf educational theories, this set provides your little one with tasks that they can complete independently, such as colour sorting, counting, and pattern making. 


This set is also great for small world play...just add some imagination and let the storytelling begin! These pip families are meant to be mixed in order to create endless possibilities! Combine them to make a family that looks like yours! Or switch things up in order to design families that are as big or small as your heart desires!


Our Pips are also great for sensory play! Roll them! Tap them together to hear the sounds they make! Line them up as straight as you can to practice fine motor skills.  

The possibilities are truly endless!


Included in this set:

  • 1 Pip Family (4 individual Pips) - 3-9/16”, 3-1/2”, 2-5/16”, and 2”
  • 1 colour matching solid pine wood round - approx. 3-3.5” in diameter and 1/4” thick (the base is painted on one side, the other side has been left natural)
  • 1 drawstring burlap bag to store all of these treasures in. 

Each piece is hand-painted in beautiful, bold jewel tones, using water-based, non-toxic paint. Each piece is also sealed with a non-toxic, water-based sealant in order to diminish colour transfer and to protect the paint. 

This set comes with a beautiful wooden round that acts as a platform for the Pip family. Each one is 100% locally sourced, Canadian pine. One side is painted with the same colour to match the Pip family, and the other side is left natural to allow for even more play options! Please note that although the wooden rounds are seale