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Director and Teacher

As our Director and Junior Kindergarten Teacher,  Shannon is committed to creating a safe and engaging early learning environment that encourages children to explore through creative, hands-on opportunities. Shannon possesses a Bachelor's of Education (Masters of Teaching) and prior to moving to early learning, built her career as an elementary teacher, specializing in teaching kindergarten - grade 3, English as a second language, and creating inclusive classrooms. Shannon is passionate about inquiry-based learning, learning through play, and helping children to develop their self-confidence as well as early literacy, numeracy  and social skills. 


Educational Assistant and Early Childhood Education 


As an Educational Assistant and ECE Teacher, Lanna has a passion for guiding children to meet their full potential while exploring and playing. Lanna’s warmth and positive energy are contagious; her knack for relating to and comforting children is one-of-a-kind. Having spent several years working as an educational assistant in pre-kindergarten settings, Lanna has a strong understanding of strategies needed to meet the complex and unique needs of her learners, and enjoys working with therapists and family members to create cohesive and comprehensive support plans. Combined with her skillful ability to implement carefully thought-out modifications and strategies, Lanna develops nurturing relationships with her students, which provides them with the tools and the emotional security needed to take risks, experience success, and develop identities as confident learners. 


Interested in Joining our Team?

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